Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Spoiler Alert: Redskins Make the Playoffs

Sugar: The reality of it is that only one spot is left up for grabs in the NFC. I just don't see either Carolina or Tampa Bay crumbling down the stretch.

We sit 4th in line for the last open playoff spot, behind

1) Dallas 8-5
2) Atlanta 8-5
3) Philly 7-5-1 (thanks Giants)
4) Skins 7-6

Here is the scenario that puts us in:

1) Dallas loses two of their last 3. Opponents are Giants, Baltimore and Philly (Giants this week, thankfully, since they need the win to get home-field). We need the G-men to beat them down and the Ravens to finish the job.
2) Atlanta loses two of their last 3. Opponents are Tampa Bay this week (come on Bucs), Minnesota (in Minnesota) who is fighting for their division, and then the Rams…ouch.
3) Washington wins their last 3 (including Philly which would move us over them).

Let's take it one week at a time. We are not in control of our own destiny, but if we beat Cincy this week, and if the Giants and Tampa take care of their business, we get a huge game against the Eagles in two weeks.


ebag: OK Sugar, I don't know what makes you think we are going to win the next 3 games. Cincy took both PHI and the NYG to overtime. They have to have extra motivation seeing how much our team is in disarray. They are the 2nd worst team in the league with sacks (13 total), so that should help tip the scales back in our favor a little figuring Chris Samuels and Jon "Mr. Invisible" Jansen are out.

As for the Eagles, this game is as good as a loss. We're too over-matched on the front lines, and for some reason we cannot win big games at home. Westbrook might break the total yards in a game record.

The 49ers game I expect to be like the DET Lions game, a should-have-been blowout that is instead a Skins squeaker (assuming Frank Gore doesn't put up a career day).

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