Monday, December 1, 2008

Skins Predictably Lose

(Pictured above: Redskins line versus Giants line)

So our D and O lines failed us again. The Skins have become very predicatable, as I not so quietly loaded up on the Giants to cover. The spread is not out yet for the Ravens game, but I suspect it will not be good. The Ravens D is going to have a field day on Jason Campbell and Clinton Portis...neither of which I predict will make it through the whole game. If Terrell Suggs gets a clean shot on either one of these guys, he's toast. My friend amusingly, yet correctly compared Jon Jansen to a matador. Why not just sit Jansen and put Sellers in his spot? This current equation is not working.

Predicted spread: Ravens -4 ... over/under 34. (realistically it should be -6.5 with the o/u at 26).


Joe said...

That must be a great friend to let yo ukeep using his lines.

Ahern said...

I like to make the mentally handi-capped feel special.