Thursday, October 30, 2008

Are You Serious Peter King

Holy seems that whenever Peter King--who we despise on this blog--picks against the Skins, we win. Plus I hate when he picks the Skins just because I don't want to be on the same side as him. Sure he gets great access, and he text messages with Brett Favre, but the guy is a zero. Sorry.

So I tune in to read his picks (yeah, I get the irony that I despise the dude and read his picks, let's move beyond that) and he has picked the Skins to win. D'oh! Doesn't mean we lose, just means we don't get the Peter King Sucks Scrotum love from the football gods. Then I read his reasons for picking us. Chief among them is to try and give the same Peter King Sucks Scrotum love to the freaking Steelers! Are you for real? It's not bad enough you may actually be such a loser your picks are somehow variables in the great divine equation used to determine winners and losers on Sundays such that those you pick to lose stand a better than even chance to win. You seem to know it. And you are choosing to wield that power demonically for someone named Lou.

Until next week's Monday Morning Quarterback, we are done Peter King. By the way, when a receiver has a day like Santana Moss, how does he not make it into your 5 page epic novel of a column that is supposed to hit on exactly such things? How does he merit NO mention? You sit in a network studio and see it ALL. And Donnie Avery, a rookie who catches some decent passes in a loss gets props over Santana!!!???

Keys to Victory

We don't do like Vinny Cerrato here and say, "Sack the QB, run the ball, stop the run, create a big play...." Good God man, these must be his keys to life:

Breathe, pump blood from the heart, eat some food.

This is how we'll win:

4 sacks: We will get to Ben. Oh yes we will get there. What we do when we get there is a big mystery. Big Ben is a monster. I can just see Smoot hanging on to his legs like Jeff Van Gundy while Ben searches for a receiver.

2 INT's. Carlos Rogers has been instructed not to try and catch the ball but to tip it to the closest Redskin. He missed his calling as a women's volleyball player.

27 pts. 3 TD's, 2 FG's, we kneel down at the end to preserve our win, 27-20.

Campbell will hit Devin Thomas from about 40 out for a big TD.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Beer Pong/Beruit Tournament for MNF Game

Welcome to the 1st Annual Mike Wiggins Invitational. This is a 16-team tournament taking place at Orange F32 for the Monday Night Football game against the Steelers. We'll have 2 beruit tables (brackets) and seedings will be random. Please add a comment to this blog to register your team name and players. We have about 6 spots left...winner gets the trophy pictured above. There is no entrance fee but there will be lots of side gambling and bets per game (if you choose). Best of'll need it coming onto our tables.

We play simple rules:
- Rerack at 3.
- Losing team always gets both balls back..shoot til you miss.
- Double-backs ... team gets 1 ball back.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Ahern Inquirer 2008 Charity Auction

Item #278--A game of catch with Carlos Rogers.

You and a friend are invited to participate in an afternoon of hilarity. The winning bidder will bring a guest and toss the ol' pigskin back and forth with Carlos Rogers. While scheduled for only 45 minutes, there is a 50 catch minimum per participant (including Carlos). Conceivably, this means that you could be there for days.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

Fedex Field Post Game - Section 111

For those that don't know already, in the portal where the band stands in Section 111, after every game, the band flows into the concourse, forms a square, and gets REAL loose w/ the drums....battling back and forth. Everyone throws in wrinkled up dollars bills (ala Good Guys style)....and the 15 minute experience is by far my favorite part of the day. This video doesn't do justice b/c my camera got cut off.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

Dan Snyder shirts!!

Sold Out

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Wizards 2008-2009 Roster

So after 1 pre-season game down, $161 million worth of our roster is injured. There's no way we'll be able to hang with the Cavaliers this year, but I think we could give this Cavs team (pic above) a run for their money. Now, I know I said the Skins had ZERO chance of doing anything good this year, but I think the Wiz are different. The Skins at least had a healthy set of veterans and stars. The Wiz have nothing but optimistic potential. Blatche seems to be stepping up, but I still don't see any threats on our team but Caron. Time will tell. Ahern prediction for Wiz are 35-47 (and I'm being nice here).

Sunday, October 5, 2008

Fire up the Bandwagon!

So another huge win on the road. Almost everyone on the team (Reed Doughty excluded) contributed to yesterday's win. Suisham (aka Shizaam) was spot-on, the solid D, and no turnovers on offense. It's getting to the point where we're getting really nitpicky to find things that went wrong. Certainly Randle El's 3 dropped passes and Devin Thomas' continual bad penalties standout...but even still those aren't much. The way the coaches make adjustments and how the players respond is what really is great to see. On that gutsy 4th and 1 call with 2 minutes left, Portis went up to Zorn and said "Give me the ball". Talk about great players. And here's your Dan Snyder victory moment from yesteday:

YEAH! Four and one!! In Philly!! In Dallas!! YEAH! YEAH Redskins!

Friday, October 3, 2008

Just Stay Medium Baby!

Kind of a weird week. You look at all the major sports sites, and you see that pretty much everyone has the Skins in the top 5 of their respective Power Rankings. The Eagles are ranked lower in all of them as well. Yet I have not heard any of the talking heads give us a chance in this game. NFL Network, ESPN, even our own Steve Czaban have all declared the Eagles the team that will win this week.
And that is awesome. I was really worried all the hype would come falling down on us all at once, all in one week, all before one game. Sure, people have to give us our due because we beat Dallas, have rallied from a woeful performance in week 1, and seem to really be showing signs of life after years of no pulse at all. (OK, having Gibbs back and making the playoffs 2 of the last 3 years was fun. It was even a pleasant departure from where we were prior to his return, but this feels a lot different right?)
The best we could have hoped for 2 weeks ago was a split on this 2 week road trip. We have locked that in. Now we are looking for some gravy. And all the pressure seems to be falling squarely on the Eagles. Last I checked, we were 5-6 point underdogs. The money has yet to hold any respect for the Redskins. For one more week, that is the most we could hope for.
Regardless of what happens this week, when the Rams come to town in 2 weeks, all the pressure will be on the Skins. Rams, Browns, Lions in a 3 week span should give our record a nice little kick. In fact, if we are worse than 2-1 in that span, we most likely will be back to the bottom of the middle of the pack again. Even 2-1 will be disappointing.
But back to this week:

*Once again, 1st downs are the key to this game. Keep McNabb off the field. He has made a career of making us look like retards on defense.

*Tight End screens...Cooley, Yoder and Davis all need to run this play well, especially between the 40's where the battle of field position will be decided.

*Contain...I would love to say "Bring Donovan down", but we have never shown a propensity to get that done. How about not letting him drop 100 yds rushing on us?

*Punch DeSean Jackson in the Face. Does anyone remember when Sean Taylor punched T.O. in the face during a game I believe during his rookie year? It was amazing. It cost us 15 yards, and it was deemed a stupid play, but after that, T.O. NEVER had a good day against us as an Eagle again (coincidentally, as a Cowboy, his highlight reel game last season came while Sean was injured, prior to his untimely death). If anyone deserves a punch in the jaw, helmet or not, it is DeSean Jackson. Listen, 15 yards is a lot to give a team like the Eagles, but this is something I believe in. I nominate Reed Doughty to be the puncher. It would be the best play he has made all season. And it would be the best hit he put on someone all season.

*Goes without saying....stay on the right side of the turnover margin. Protect the ball on offense, take advantage of your opportunities on defense.

Final Score: Redskins 34, Eagles 26

That's right, take the Skins and the over.

Thursday, October 2, 2008

Big Win for Galludet

It is no big secret that I am not a fan of Dan Snyder. I buy all my Skins gear on Ebay and for the most part try to bring airplane bottles into the game as to give him as little of my $$ as possible. So when something comes up in the news regarding his money-sucking ways, I am quick to pounce. However, in this latest lawsuit against Snyder and the Skins, I am taking his side.

In short, three longtime Washington Redskins deaf fans filed a suit against WFI Inc. and Pro Football Inc., (the stadium’s owner and operators) that the facility is not "equally" built to cater for the deaf as it is for the rest of us. "Among other things, the plaintiffs want all announcements, advertising, song lyrics and video replays captioned within sight of the JumboTron displays at either end of FedEx Field."

This to me is a bit ridiculous. Why would you want to see more advertising than is already there? As I said to my friend, "Fedex is a vomitorium of advertisements." The former Jack Kent Cooke Stadium also has one of the worst and smallest scoreboards in the league. Having to add closed captioning for every thing is absurd.

I think the key thing to keep in mind is that this stadium was built before everyone was mindful about those with disabilities. It is definitely not too much to ask to add captioning on the banner screens for first downs and all stadium announcements, but advertisements and song lyrics?!? Are you kidding me? What? Are you going to sing along?! How about we get mimes on the field to act out the song too.

The plaintiff first brought this up in 2003, so the stadium has been pretty much ignoring their requests….sounds about right. In related news, parking will be increased $10 per game next year to pay for the lyrics of "Who let the dogs out" to be captioned on the scoreboard.

Full article is here:

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

Get to know your neighbor...

The Minnesota newspaper posted a fantastically awful article this morning regarding Smoot and his living conditions during his 2-year stay in one of Minnesota's wealthiest (aka 'whitest') neighborhoods. The quick synopsis is play with neighborhood kids: with naked women: ALWAYS.

Former Viking Fred Smoot continues to terrorize neighborhood: The skipper of the Love Boat isn't keeping up his Eden Prairie home