Monday, December 1, 2008

Don't Text Message the Big Screen

If you have never received a text message from "718-55" then you're a lucky bastard. Busy as all hell at work, my phone has been buzzing all over the place the last thirty minutes. I've received the same text message 3 times asking to buy Wizards tickets for $11 at Quickly jumping on the Wiz website I see the big media blitz for these ticket prices.

So that leads to my question. How did they get my number and why am I getting the same message 3 times? I replied "stop" as the text message instructed and before I could close my phone, I received a reply that I've been removed. Great, right? Nay-nay. As I was deleting that message I received the same original message AGAIN for the $11 tickets. WTF.

So how did they get my #? I have never bought ANY Wiz tickets via the website. I scalp 100% of the time. My friend asked if I had ever replied to the jumbotron quiz. AHH. Yes, I did once last year. Ugh. Point of the story: never SMS ANYTHING at any sporting events. Dan Snyder will definitely sell your number to anyone and everyone, Abe Pollin will text you to death to help cover Gil's contract, and the Lerners, well, they do it to raise cash for the stadium's electric bill they never plan on paying.

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