Monday, December 15, 2008


I don't even know where to begin with that debacle. I turned on the game at 1pm, and went back to bed at 2pm. There were so many fundamental mistakes it became almost comical.

- Punts. Why do the Skins continually down the ball on punts when it is still rolling? Tryon was the culprit this week and it cost a few yards.

- Defense. Offsides on the defense on a 3rd and 1 hard-count!! How can you not see that count coming? First down Cincinatti.

- Play calling. JC handed the ball off to Portis on 1st down EVERY drive of the 1st 6 drives. I went back to bed after that so not sure how many more continued. The Bungles' game plan was to obviously stop Clinton, so why not make an adjustment? I felt like I was watching high school kids coach this team. As for the 2 hand-offs to Sellers on the goal-line, I don't mind the call so much, but what is Sellers doing extending the ball like that? Fundamentals! Only stretch the ball out when it's 4th and goal or if your last name is Tomlinson.

- Offense. Terrible run blocking. Surprisingly, Jason got great pass protection. Again, he could not find open guys and he continually got chased down by 300 lb lineman when he scrambled. If we can't even put up 200 yards passing on the worst defense in the league, I'm sorry, but Jason is to blame. My friends also pointed out that Jason NEVER works the line. Look at how Favre, Romo, and Brady conduct the team, read the D, and make audibles. Everytime JC approaches the line, he simply snaps it. He never looks left and right, never stands up and points out blitzers. I am now on the team saying he's a BUST. We all want to root for this kid, but it's simply not working.

Coaching. The defense is the only part of our team that can make successful adjustments. Why is this? It's tough to be patient when a team starts 6-2, but we need to be. I'm not ready to pull the plug on Zorn yet, it simply would not be fair since he inherited a team that does not fit his system.

After yesterday it is clear we need to move forward and take an accurate inventory of our roster. Does this means starting Colt Brennan the last 2 games? perhaps. He was a 6th round pick, which is rather high when a team has 2 solid Qbs in place.

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