Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Press Release: Redskins Hold Open Tryouts for O-Line

Redskins Hold Open Tryouts for Offensive Line Positions
12/10/2008 9:24 AM: Press Release - Redskins Park

The Washington Redskins announced this morning that they have opened Redskins Park to anyone who would like to try out for the open Left Tackle and Right Guard positions. We feel we truly have the best fan-base in the NFL and that our loyal fans can step up and help fill these holes. We also believe finding open talent will free up having to waste our 2009 draft picks on such boring and mundane positions, and instead draft the exciting players that help sell jerseys and keep fans distracted from the inner-office problems.

Coach Zorn and staff scouted some local schools yesterday and expect 30-40 local players for tryouts. Included in the tryouts, are:

"The Hoggies" - This Loudoun County grade school offensive line juggernaut has not allowed a sack all year and the team is averaging 17 yards per run (not including the one where the RB ran the wrong direction resulting in a safety).

Tina "Meatloaf" McArbystein - Attracted scouts eyes when she posted a 3.8 on her 40 this month (although that's 3 minutes, 8 seconds). Fred Smoot spoke highly of her skills in Minnesota, though he had no further comments on details of that.

Earth, Wind & Fire - This 3-headed monster broke the Montgomery County record for most yards in a season. Although the Redskins have no need for running backs, they are being allowed to try out since their parents signed a 15-year contract for a club-level suite at Fedex.

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