Friday, December 5, 2008

We're Betting the Lakers Tonight

So Ahern's undefeated streak of bets (+$500) will be on the line tonight. The Wizards/Lakers line opened -11.5 and already moved to -12. If the line was -10 I would bet the whole kitty, but we're betting $200 tonight. LOCK IT UP. The Wizards against all-star players have never come close to covering (MIA, ORL, HOU). When the Lakers do win tonight, it's not going to be a squeaker. Up 15 seems very logical, especially since the Lakers won in Philly (a much better team) by 12 points...though Elton Brand did get hurt. If I had to pick the final spread, Lakers by 22.

When you look at the Lakers lineup, Kobe, Gasol, Bynum, Odom, Walton...I can't see even a SINGLE matchup the Wiz win. I'd imagine 85% of the Lakers points will be in the paint tonight. Actually, I'm now considering letting it all ride...thoughts? This way I won't have to load up on the Ravens Sunday night. Anyone want to comment HOW the Wiz can possibly cover? Their shooting % in NJ the other night was very impressive, but again, they can't run with the big boys, which means a lot of fouls (Blatche). A recent Lakers loss to Indiana means they are not due for a let-down loss.

Either way, you can party with Kobe and Odom at the after-party at Park tonight.

Update: Ahern has decided to bet the entire house on the Lakers tonight. It's house $ and I plan to cash out and cover all my Xmas gifts with this. In another side note, the Wiz are wearing the Chicago Zephyrs uniforms from 1962/1963 (45th anniversary for the Wiz).

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Sugar said...


1st of all..."Ahern" didn't bet against the Wiz.

2nd of all...Why didn't Caron drive and go for the foul?

Last...Lakers fans outside of L.A. are Fakers fans. I saw some of them and trust me, they weren't from L.A.