Monday, December 8, 2008

M&T Stadium. Sights and Sounds

Yet again our lines failed us. The Skins are not an easy team to root for these days, but it was pretty great seeing all the burgundy and gold in Baltimore last night. I'd say the Skins took over 1/10th of the stadium. It wasn't a Pittsburgh showing, but decent none the less. I expected to get heckled a ton, but it was actually the exact opposite. Ravens fans helping me pick up cash that I dropped, telling me to lower my flask when drinking because security is strict. The one tailgate we passed had a nitrous tank. I of course reciprocated by asking my stocked question: "How many miles per gallon does your house get?" Either are some pics from the night:

We all have our opinions on Dan Snyder but to go as far as having a jersey made says quite a lot.

Lamest intros I've ever seen. No Ray-Ray grand entrance this night...instead, a lack-luster Flacco jog.

Again, I've never understood the face-painting unless you're 6 years old and at your own birthday party. Even then actually I'll still make fun of you.

Father son. I asked him how you let your own son be a fan of the opposing team. He told me he doesn't know why but his son just loves the Redskins. All I know is if my son somehow starts liking the Ravens, a.) he's grounded forever, and b.) I certainly will not be financing to dress him up in Ravens clothes.

Worst sign of the night I saw: "Wacco for Flacco"

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Anonymous said...

I've lived lots of places and I think Baltimore has the best fans in the league. Loyal and diehard, but not insane. We put up with the most obnoxious, bizarre Steelers fans and still remain cool. We're glad you had a good time visiting our stadium - no matter which team you were supporting.