Wednesday, September 28, 2011

T-Shirt: Kerrigan + Orakpo = KERRAKPO!

Orakpo and Kerrigan are already proving to be one of the best tandem rushing duos in the NFL. They deserve a t-shirt and we decided to change up the model from our previous one.

Sorry...we're now sold out.

Wednesday, April 14, 2010

Redskins McNabb Shirt - The Legend of Don Burgundy

Shirts will be ready for shipping April 20th and are only $15 including shipping. Can't beat that. We only printed a limited order of 60 so get em while you can...

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Tuesday, February 2, 2010

4 Steps How to Fix Washington DC's Metro Problems

I have been riding the Metro since I have basically learned to walk. Although that may not qualify me to be the DC Metro Chief, it does grant me the right to publicly state obvious flaws. Among all the financial and security inefficiencies, Metro continues to struggle. It baffles me how a business like Metro is not only unprofitable, it requires federal subsidies to stay afloat. Let's start with the worst:

1.) Gallery Place/Chinatown stop: Rush hour - I live at this stop, so I have to deal with the pains of it daily. If you're one that has to take the red line North, you've no doubt endured this.

For some reason, Metro decided to only roll 6 cars during rush hour instead of the maximum 8 (which it used to do). Here lies the problem, the transfer area is at the back of the stop, so when each 6-car train pulls all the way up, it leaves a HUGE bottle neck of people that can't deboard or get to the cars. See picture from today:

This is a SERIOUS problem because people who are running late, myself included walk along the edge. It's the most FUBAR operation I've ever see. This line actually snakes around to the escalators going down to the yellow/green line.

Fix: Either use 8-cars during rush hour or have the train stop short so the train cars line up with the transfer area.

2.) Escalators - Why are all escalators running at all times? This is an utter waste of electricity.

Example: My friend lives at the Navy Yard metro, which you are familiar with if you've been to Nats Park. Obviously, baseball season is over. I am often coming and going from that Metro stop at midnight on week days. No one anywhere in site. Why are all 3 of those long escalators running? This goes for all the fringe stops.

Fix: Leave them all on for rush hour but turn off the middle one on weekends and night times (unless there is an event or it is a transfer/tourist stop). That's a lot of electricity savings right there when you add up all the Metro stops outside the transfer areas.

3.) Advertising - Who is in control of advertising for Metro? It is god awful. They've relied on the same platform and train wall spots over the last 20 years. Get creative. Make the SmartTrip and fare cards advertisable. There's also those illegible tunnel video ads. Scrap those. A couple of banner ads have popped up in stations, but they're used sparingly. There's a teet for revenue streaming available there and Metro is not milking it.

Fix: Brainstorm for new ad spots. Banners from the ceiling, tint the car windows and advertise the outside, fare cards, allow marketers to setup booths in some terminals out of the way, anything.

4.) High Volume boarding helpers: Other countries do it and Metro should too for the high volume boarding stops. Have a Metro worker available on the platform that assists in spreading the people out on the platform and getting people in the trains to move to the middle of the car. If you've ever been on the Metro Center or Gallery Place red line stops, people don't spread out. Having someone there to direct people would help immensely in riders' frsutrations. He/She would also have a sign to hold up to signify to the train operator it is clear to close the doors. There are countless times the doors have closed while people are still trying to deboard. In addition to missing their stop, all the people trying to board now have to wait for the next train further increasing the platform volume.

5.) Random - Is it just me or at least once a week do you see someone on the Metro that is bleeding in one capacity or another?

Monday, February 9, 2009

All Phelps...All the Time

This one gets immediately filed in the AWESOME category.

Check out this story on the party that Phelps not only attended but was the main attraction.

He bet TWO GRAND on a Beirut game (or Beer Pong depending on where you are from)! They were passing around drugs and drug paraphernalia like gift baskets at church! And he laid down a wad of bills on a Beirut game and paid up when he lost. That is amazing. I love how he had bodyguards watching the door and kindly asking people to not take pictures. The second they saw a flash or a cameraphone pop up they should have gone Chris Martin on that ass (from Coldplay...he of the paparazzi-beating mindset).

I am personlaly appalled that a picture from that party made it to the tabloids. I hope for the sake of whomever snapped and sold that picture, they remain anonymous. Because I am betting the payday from the picture isn't worth the beatdown coming their way if they are found out. TREASON!

Phelps was huge when he just had a bazillion gold medals. I wager that he has gained more fans in the average, everyday American demograph than he ever did by swimming the length of the pool. Maybe I'm wrong. But I doubt it on this one.

Friday, February 6, 2009

Phelps' Sponsors Adjust Their Slogans

(pictures courtesy of the Conan O'Brien Show)

Update: Kellogs dropped Phelps as their spokesman.

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Phelps to face Johnny Law in S.C.

File this under "Are you F'n kidding me?" According to the NY Post, South Carolina plans to press charges against Phelps for his little puff-puff. This is as lame as it gets. If anyone should be getting in trouble, it's the person who supplied the weed or who owns the bong. It must be a REALLY slow day in S.C., or they just want the press.


It was the worst game I've ever seen the Wiz play, EVER. The lack of hustle/effort was mind-boggling. I guess it makes sense since the Wiz have more important things to do, like go clubbing.