Wednesday, April 9, 2008

The NHL is Doomed to Fail

As our friends at the Superficial noted, Lauren Conrad from The Hills is now blogging for the NHL. I didn't realize the creators of TRL run the NHL. I mean, we've seen the hot girl SORT OF work before when you have Jillian Barber and famous girls blog. But they either know their stuff or talk about parties.

We've all seen Lauren before on the show. No way she even knew LA even had a team. She's already getting reemed for rooting for the Kings' biggest rival the Ducks. She wrote:

Since the Kings are out of it, I’ll adopt my fellow Orange County Anaheim Ducks as my team for the playoffs. Is there anything you guys think I should know as I watch the Ducks?

That's like her blogging for the Skins who are out of the playoffs and saying 'Go Cowboys.' Seriously, get this rubbish off the web. There is a link on her blog to "view this as inappropriate". Please click it so we can end this. I just did.

Do it for the children and baby Jebus. We can't let our kids think being a ditz gets you fame and success. When Lauren's looks go, she's going to be a mess.

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Mr. Macelli said...

When your "national" TV coverage is on the Vs. channel, you will try everything to get the word out I guess. ALyssa Milano's baseball blog would be the most successful -- but she actually seems to know what she is talking about. And she is hotter than Lauren, AND she has been hotter for longer than Lauren, AND she has done movies where she gets naked.