Tuesday, April 15, 2008

A Day Which Will Live In Infamy

On Sunday, December 7th, in M&T Bank Stadium, the Skins will play the Ravens. This game belongs on our schedule every year. It is total crap that the NFL doesn't remedy this by scheduling a regional rivalry game every year. Right now, your 16 game schedule is determined by:

6 division games
4 non-conference games against an AFC division that rotates every year
4 games against an entire NFC division that rotates every year
2 games against the teams in the other two NFC divisions that finished in our same place

Why not replace one of those two NFC matchups with a regional rivalry game? The schedule would be slightly imbalanced but the longterm benefits to the league would outweigh that I think. We can figure out what all the pairings would be later.

As for the Ravens game this year, I can't wait. Of course nothing is as it seems now for any team in April, but the Ravens should get creamed, right? We'll see I guess. Either way, get ready to see more purple camouflauge pants then you've ever imagined. Lord, their fans are terrible.


Joe said...

I can't wait to go to that game! Should I wear my Riggins jersey or are they too stupid to understand that football existed before 1996? Maybe I should just wear Moss or Portis to keep it simple for the baltimorons.

Billy said...

This post is a good first draft. When are you posted the one with all the actual pairings worked out?

The problem, Kennyboy, is that not all teams have a natural geographic rival like we do with the Ravens. And even if they do, there's a very good chance that their rival is actually already in their division (Cowboys, anyone?).

For instance, who will Denver play during rivalry week? Are you saying the NFL should make up rivalries in order to allow those few cities with natural rivalries -- Bmore-D.C., NY-NY, Oakland-SF (guess), Houston-Dallas -- to have a game each year? That seems pretty ridiculous.

ebaggg said...

Billy - you got Cowboys/Texans. There's always a "regional" rivalry when a trade is made. For example, Denver/Washington was a great regional game when we traded Bailey for Portis. Or there are situations when a big time coach moves to another team. There is a lot to play with and some will be more exciting than others.

sugar said...

I am absolutely saying the NFL should "make up", or "manufacture" rivalries that don't currently exist (where there is no natural choice). For teams that don't have cross-town or regional counterparts in the opposite conference, ones will have to be appointed. With an even number of teams in the league, we're talking about 16 pairings. I think the biggest argument would be due to the imbalanced schedule, but the schedule is already imbalanced. The good folks at NFL headquarters can just add some additional logic to their algorithm to determine schedules each year. Did a quick and dirty pairing of NFC and AFC teams. Just posted.

Scholl Dog said...

I should be offended by Ken's comment but collectively, we, as Ravens fans, are terrible. Wonderfully terrible. Statistically, I have a better chance of getting in a fight with a fellow Raven fan at that game then one of you burgandy-and-gold boys. Might I recommend renting a port-a-pot for your tailgate for a reasonable $100? That includes pickup and delivery. Joe, as for your comment, you ignorant slut, you may recall the Colts used to play in Baltimore at one point, before they became the best thing to watch in Indianapolis besides car races and the ugliest strippers in the US.

Whitney said...

If you think people from Baltimore are dumber than people from DC you're crazy . . . George W. lives there remember?

Charles said...

So Joe, did you enjoy the game?