Sunday, April 13, 2008

I should roll this outfit every night

So getting on the jumbo tron at the Nats game and the Wiz game in the same day I think is something worth noting. I hit the Andray Blatche basketball stand at the Wiz game and they gave me a ball for posing with a picture. Dribbling this around the concourse...of course EVERYONE wanted the ball. I seriously must have juked out 33,000 people and I am the worst dribbler ever. I didn't make it on the dance cam which I am very bitter about...but I did get on the "Flex cam" and I lost out to some is that possible? Have you seen my guns? I'm even wearing a shirt that states it..."these guns don't have safeties."


Pete said...

squirt guns don't need safeties

Gillian Kirkpatrick said...

Was that you???? I was there, I saw you! Yeah, it was some Fearless Fashion! I commend you.