Thursday, October 18, 2007

Rankings: Hottest NFL Cheerleaders by team

After combing through each team's cheerleader squad, every girl, I have done all the hard work and ranked the hottest girls. It took over 9 hours to research, rank, and type this f'n thing, but no worries, I did it at work. To my surprise, there are MULTIPLE teams that have no cheerleader squads. Shame on you: Jets, Browns, Steelers, Giants, Bears, Lions, and Packers. If Denver and KC can have squads with their weather, there's no excuse for the others. Ok, the Jets have a 'cheering' squad but there is no roster or way to see the girls. F-em...onto the hotties.

I decided to rank from hottest to worst...and believe me, it was hard choosing a cute girl on some of the sorry squads. One thing I noticed is that the girls photos are much hotter than they actually look, but until I see them in person for orgies, this is all I can go by. At the bottom are best team squad photos (which I highly recommend) and some honorable mentions. If any girl feels they are hotter, please send a nude photo to this account and I will re-consider (most likely in your favor). Onto the rankings:

1.) Britney (Tampa) . Dear lord. This is some sort of optical illusion b/c you can't stop your eyes from jumping to each picture and back. You see it all but can't take in fast enough.

2.) Summer (San Diego Chargers) - High quality bathing suit photo. Bravo SAN DIEGO.

3.) Andrea (Houston Texans). Wow. wow. wow. wow.

4.) Alexandra (Philadelphia Eagles).

5.) Alysha (New England Patriots) . Incredible body. God was in a good mood when he made her.

6.) Chelsea (Washington Redskins) . Dammit. Why are the legs cut off?!?!?!

7.) Abigail (Dallas Cowboys). IQ is probably 14 but who cares?

8.) Amy (Arizona Cardinals). ASU student so you know she f*cks!

9.) Kate (STL Rams). I would love to substitue the wall for my junk.

10.) Cassie (San Francisco 49ers). It took me 3 solid minutes to look up and see her pretty face.

...and the rest.........

14.) Lauren (DEN Broncos) - A healthy Lindsay Lohan. Should be in the top 10.

15.) Christie (CAR Panthers)

16.) Lindsey (CIN Bengals)

17.) Chelsea (OAK Raiders) - Isn't this sign language for "I like anal?"

18.) Kristie (SEA Seahawks)

19.) Amy (KC Chiefs)

21.) Jenny (TEN Titans)

22.) Erin (JAX Jaguars)

23.) Bailey (Colts)

25.) Jessica (Buffalo Bills)

Best Team Photos:

1.) TAMPA - Holy shit this is mind-boggling. You can spend 30 minutes on this easily! Enjoy.

2.) EAGLES - Lets play a game. Pick the one you want to bang the most. It'll take you at least two minutes to decide because as soon as you see one, the next one is cuter, than you back to the start and do it over again. Took me quite a few tries and I still don't know.
3.) TEXANS - A lot of cute facs, plus the only team with TWINS. Holla.
4. CHARGERS - all pictures are large, high quality, and in bathing suits


Best Asian:

Best Twins:

Wost Team Photo:
BILLS. Worst site ever. Each girl only has 1 picture and it seriously looks like the picture was taken with a disposable they are from long range. Booo.

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