Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Washington Wizards: Is it Worth Staying Excited?

So I gotta say, it was great to see the Wiz beat the Cavs the other night. Is it justice for losing the last 3 years in the playoffs? Hell no. Not even close. That LeTravel move, "crab-dribble," cost us multiple playoff games. It is fantastic that this finally got exposed. I watched the replay of that same move that killed us at the buzzer in the playoffs, and amazingly not ONE of the ESPN announcers noticed the walk...and that one was 4 steps!

As I see it, referee Bill Spooner just saved the NBA. I expect the Cavs to lose more frequently now that LeTravel has to be more conscious anytime he's rolling to his pivot foot in traffic. As for Spooner, I expect David Stern will have the mafia magically make him disappear. It is very suspicious that the NBA is ignoring the call amongst all this controversy. I mean, whatever anyone wants to say, he took 3 steps. Even my friends in Cleveland admitted it, though for the playoff games they called me a "baby whiner" when I bitched about those walks.

Having said that, let's address the title of this article. Are the Wiz legit enough to watch? The game against the Magic tonight will tell me everything. Even if we lose (which I expect), let's please not get blown out by 25. Dwight Howard is the best, and we have no one to contain him. However, with some good coaching, we can get him in foul trouble early and be creative on the offensive side. This means not dribbling down, passing the ball once, and hucking a long shot from 3 inches inside the 3-point line. And for God's sake, follow your shots! Nick Young is the worst with this...fading and running away after an open shot. We lose multiple rebounds a game.

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