Tuesday, January 27, 2009

V Is Coming Back!


Sure I was 7 when it first came out. Sure the lasers that were shot from their guns they used in that show looked like low-budget taser-type effects. But V was awesome. It was perfect. It started with a gigantic opening mini-series that saw some 40 million viewers tune in to watch. It turned into a short-lived TV series that you fought your parents to stay up to see, and it had Donovan, a true original badass.

It is currently being reimagined on ABC, with a pilot ordered up revolving around a a Homeland Security agent (gonna be a female character according to EW...hmmmmmmmm, I wonder if she will be hot).

For all you fans out there who stayed up late to see Donovan and Ham and Julie do battle with Diana and the Visitors, the long wait to see this story back on TV is over.

This better not be a joke.

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