Sunday, September 28, 2008

Rankings: Hottest NFL Cheerleaders by Team (2008-9)

It's that time of year, and after the success of our last year's rankings, we've combed through all the team's sites again and pulled out the best looking ones. Enjoy.

32-26.) Browns, Steelers, Giants, Bears, Lions, Packers - Teams don't have cheerleader squads. WTF.

25.) Atlanta Falcons - No roster pictures.

24.) NY Jets - No good pictures so I'm including their sideline reporter Jenn Sterger. She should be easy top 3 but she's not a cheerleader.

23.) Buffalo Bills - Jenica. Yet another year the Bills cheerleaders greatly disappoint.

22.) Jacksonville Jaguars - Kayla

21.) Kansas City Chiefs - Liz

20.) Minnesota Vikings - Lily

19.) Tennessee Titans - Melanie

18.) San Diego Chargers - Ashley

17.) Arizona Cardinals - Alix

16.) St. Louis Rams - Hailee/Kate (tie)

15.) Seattle Seahawks - Melanie

14.) New England Patriots - Alyssa

13.) Cincinnati Bengals - Tiffany

12.) Oakland Raiders - Mandy

11.) Carolina Panthers - Christy

10.) Denver Broncos - Jesse

9.) Houston Texans - Erica

8.) Philadelphia Eagles - Rachel

7.) Tampa Bay Buccaneers - Jennifer Summers

6.) Miami Dolphins - Alexis

5.)New Orleans Saints - Randi

4.) San Francisco 49ers - Amber

3.) Dallas Cowboys - Abigail
(click for full swimsuit galley)

2.) Washington Redskins - Buffy/Tamesha (tie)

1.) Baltimore Ravens - Lauren

----======= Additional Notes =======-----

Best Team Photos: (Honestly, make sure to click the first 2 links)

Best cross-eyed pic:

Best Asian:

Best Transvestite:

Heavist Girl:

Worst Names:

Unsexiest pic:


Sean said...

Once again Wok... u r a genius! Love the tranny pic.

Anonymous said...

very nice, pure brilliance.
erika from the texans was very underrated... i'd put her first

Anonymous said...

Not to be racial or anything but... There all white women, where's the diversity man? There are plenty of beautiful women in NFL Cheerleading that are ethnic, I mean yes these women are goregous but throw some brown sugar and spice in to that pot, please!

Anonymous said...

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Jackal d said...

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