Wednesday, June 18, 2008

Stop the Jordan-Kobe Comparisons

So did Kobe lay a dinosaur egg this series or what? I can't be the only one left wondering how the hell did the Lakers finish first in the West? How did they roll past the Spurs and Jazz? The Celtics had the best D in the league, true...but that never stopped Jordan when going against those great D's of the Pistons. Kobe in interviews constantly blamed having 3 or 4 people on him at one time. What does that tell you, genius? That means 3 or 4 teammates are wide open, and we've seen how they can bang down 3's. I was also flabbergasted to hear Lamar Odom was at the clubs the night before Game 6. I guess Kwame Brown's ora is still part of the Lakers.

As for the NBA, this refereeing is more suspicious than ever. The home teams always get the calls. This keeps the series going to Game 6's and 7's while all the announcers simply say its the fans and how the bench players shoot better at home. What a load of sh!t. The NBA gets truck loads of more cash via TV ads for more games and it's a nice little cover they got going on. I'm one of those rare people that like the NBA more than college basketball but I am quickly coming around.

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sugar said...

Kobe passed the ball too many times in the second half of a couple of those games to be considered Jordanesque. Jordan was forced to pass of course, but he took over when he decided to. I don't want to hear about how the Celtics took him out with their defense. In order to be considered great in any sport, and "Jordanesque" in the NBA, you have to get it done IN SPITE of the other team knowing exactly what is coming. Everyone knew Jordan was going to get to the hole or create a shot for himself. And sure, he made a few famous passes to Paxson and Kerr, but he got it done against teams that were doing everything in their power to stop him. Sorry fail the test.