Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Most Oustanding IWFL Player Profiles

So you probably didn't know this but right now the Women's Football League (yes, tackle) is already in mid-season. I have never laughed so hard but my friends and I have found the most oustanding players from this league. Wisely, a lot of the teams left out key information like weight, position, and a picture. Enjoy, and have a box of tissues ready to wipe the tears away. Click on each picture to view the player's full/detailed profile:

#4 - Gayle 'GoGo' Dilla - DC Divas - Pos: DL
I personally LOVE the nickname. How many 46 year-old women weighing 170+ pounds do you know nicknamed 'Go-Go'? She also gets kudos for posing as a Center when she is listed a defensive lineman.

#3 - Karen Swinnerton - Phi Vipers - Pos: Unlisted (Taco Bell drive-thru)
I didn't know players could have FUPAs.

#2 - Deborah Balkcom - Phi Vipers - Pos: Unlisted (Nursing home)
Over/under 50 years old? Under you say? Incorrect!

#1 - Carolyn Few - Baltimore Nighthawks - Pos: WR
Check out the weight and then the position this lady plays. Unfortunately, there is no picture in Carolyn's profile so I substituted in one for the first result back from google images for 300 lb woman. Being a WR, do you think she can run the 40 in under 6 minutes?

OK, so now that we have had a laugh, it's time for our rankings for HOTTEST IWFL players. I could only find 2 in the entire league, so with no further ado:


#2 - Sarah Beauchamp - Pittsburgh Passion - DB

#1 - Kate Sullivan - Pittsburgh Passion - TE (indeed)


Joe said...

WOW! I mean...WOW!

Austin said...

She's a man, Man!

Danielle Carter #73 said...

This is so sexist! I also play womens professional football and i think that it is so wrong that we are criticized for doing something productive that we love. Men are naturally stronger than women, so we dont have to be ripped, 6'5" and 300 lbs., all we have to do is pack a hit hard enough to take down a WOMAN. And as for the positions of a WR being 300 lbs., there was probably just a typo. Don't be so harsh, just let us do what we love.

Anonymous said...

The blonde one used to be my teacher in deer lakes she is defenately the hotter one